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Payment Options and Payment Tips



It is always best to order by creating an account with us. You will get tracking information and can see your order history if you create an account. Also, you can update your information and we can communicate better if you have an account.

During your shopping experience with SBP you will be presented with a wide variety of payment options. You must choose one - simply click the button, and the black dot will indicate your selection.


How Would You Like to Pay?


  • *CREDIT or DEBIT CARD*- Visa - Mastercard - American Express - Discover - US Dollars

 Most all cards accepted (see tips* below if you have trouble with your card)

  • PayPal (and coming soon Venmo)
  • Bank Deposit/Bank Wires - including Pop Money - US Dollars

Basically from your bank to our bank.Typically this involves fees on both ends, and higher fees for international orders. We will need to let you know the total amount to send after you place your order. Bank details provided during the check out process. Be sure to record this information. Pop Money is free.

  • Check OR Local Cash - US Dollars

For people in the USA, yes you can use a personal check, but there will be a delay to allow the check to clear. Cash OK for per-arranged pick-up.

  • Western Union (Or other money transfer services such as Walmart and Moneygram) : International OK - US Dollars only

Basically money wired to a location for us to pick up.

  • INVOICE - Sick Bike Parts will send Invoice - US Dollars

We can invoice you to pay as you wish. We will ship after payment.

  • Money Order - US Dollars

Commercially known including USPS Money Orders in US Dollars



From time to time if you have an account with us, we may issue store credit, for refunds for excess shipping or a returned product, or possibly some other reason. It is easy to use the store credit for purchases but you must be logged into your account to see your credit as a payment option. The system is intelligent enough to know what portion of your order cost is covered. You cannot check out as a  guest and expect the system to know you have store credit.



*If you have trouble with credit card acceptance the issues typically fall in three buckets

  1. We use some level of identification of address and details. Make absolutely sure your billing address matches the credit card billing address perfectly.
  2. Entry errors. Triple check all your numbers. If you error out, please fix the error before clicking confirm order.
  3. Duplicate Transaction order errors. This typically happens when 1 or 2 above occur first. Our system if very resistant to duplicate orders (Hey you don't want to be charged 2X, right?) If you get this error, please stay on the page or go back to fix the error as necessary - THEN click PROCEED TO CHECK OUT (Click the Black Box, this creates a new order) and enter your information as needed. Do not click the "Proceed to Payment" black box unless you have clicked "PROCEED TO CHECK OUT" 
  4. If for some reason these steps do not work, empty your shopping cart, leave the website and return, then place the items back in your cart. If you get another decline at this point, please contact your card issuer.